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Norberto Sala

Founder & CEO

"My passion is the thread that accompanied me since the day I founded Delcon in 1981. I have always tried to surround myself with co-workers, but, above all, with people who share my desire to improve oneself day after day. In my time as an entrepreneur I have never stopped being enterprising, hard-working and pragmatic.

The company has changed in the last few years, as has the market and have the needs of the clients, but my entrepreneurial vision, combined with creativity, remains the same.

My motto is: "Do what you love and you won't work a day in your life.".

Hobbies: Sailing, navigation, travel, sports cars.

Odd facts: I'm a collector of inkwells and works of art.

Barbara Sala

General Manager

"Delcon is an extremely stimulating experience in my professional career. Every day we face new challenges and work in very diverse sectors: from human resources to marketing, from commercial to financial aspects, and from production to research and development.

You never stop learning. In many areas, we started "from zero" and achieved excellent results, which is a great feeling for the whole team!

My motto is: "The only way to achieve the impossible is to think that it is possible.".

Hobbies: Digital photography, travel, music, wine tasting and bartending.

Odd facts: I love margaritas.

Fabio Belletti

R&D Manager

"Bearing in mind my role and my disposition, I always try to be a reference point for my colleagues.

I believe in transparency and intellectual honesty as values to be applied and transmitted in my work.

I believe it's fundamentally important to define an overall plan, to avoid losing the focus on the priorities, and to follow a process from the beginning to the completion.

My motto is "Keep calm and carry on".

Hobbies: Cycling, running, reading, cinema.

Odd facts: I have climbed the highest mountain passes in the Alps by bicycle.

Gianluca Sandrinelli

Production, Logistic & Purchasing Manager

"My colleagues appreciate me for my ability to solve problems at work, to propose ideas and solutions improving processes, and to share problems or issues obstructing the execution of their tasks… and sometimes to drink a coffee…

They would mark me out for the passion I put in my work, and for my respect for the work of others.

My motto in Delcon is "We will find a solution".

Hobbies: DIY, fishing, running.

Odd facts: I caught a barracuda fish in Cuba.

Giuseppe Teoldi

Service Manager

" In my work I have always been involved in technical assistance for electronic medical equipment. I have a lot of experience in this area, gained from working with large multinational companies.

The determined and dynamic atmosphere I found in Delcon convinced me to join up in 2008. My motto is "always give your best effort and dedication to solve the problems at work".

I believe I'm hard working and available for others

Hobbies: Kayaking, long walks, swimming, cycling, Nordic skiing.

Odd facts: I like good cooking and good wine.

Enrico Biassoni

Strategic Business Analyst

"At Delcon I learned to surround myself with people who are different from me, collect the differences, and build on them.

I'm consistent, reliable and transparent, with a particular talent for problem solving.

My analytical approach helps me a lot in my work, and when important decisions are to be taken.

At Delcon my motto is "Never put forward a problem without having at least two solutions".

Hobbies: Running, motorsport, mountain biking.

Odd facts: I never miss a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Francesca Pedretti

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager

"At Delcon I had the opportunity to grow professionally, working as a team with people having attitudes and roles other than mine.

I learned to deal with complex situations and to take the responsibilities of my role.

I am a straightforward, reliable and precise person, qualities that enable me to cope with various tasks in diverse working environments.

My motto is "Keep calm and stay compliant".

Hobbies: Swimming, skiing, reading.

Odd facts: I like cartoon films.

Marco Confalonieri

IT Manager

"I'm the person my colleagues refer to for problems or questions related to ICT.

My work is based on patience and being able to listen analytically. My motto is "never give up" and I put it into practice every time I take on a new challenge, both in the company and in my private life. Clarity is my guiding principal, both in expressing my expectations and in the expectations that other people have of me.

"I'm the person my colleagues go to for any problems or questions related to ICT.

Hobbies: Running, history, DIY.

Odd facts: I'm crazy about Star Wars and Lego".