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Delcon and blood banks

Delcon designs and produces medical devices for transfusion medicine, to assist operators at blood banks throughout the entire process of collection, processing, separation, and storage of blood.

We offer cutting-edge solutions and patented products favouring constant improvement in blood processing. They are the result of twenty years of experience and continuous investment in research and development.

Delcon for haematology and microbiology

Both diagnosis and prevention are extremely important. Delcon works with most of the hospitals in Italy, supplying them with diagnostic equipment in the field of microbiology and haematology.

Sales & Marketing

To ensure a global reach we work with a network of selected and specialised distributors through which we sell our equipment in more than 50 countries worldwide. Every year we attend the most important trade shows in the industry on a global scale.

Delcon also offers several possibilities of customization of its medical equipments and holds many solid partnerships with key players in the industry.


The quality of Delcon products is guaranteed by total control of its operations: we constantly focus on the optimisation of the value chain in order to maintain accessible prices and ensure efficient and effective management. The objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We directly plan, implement, and monitor all activities related to design, procurement, production, sales, and technical assistance, according to leading regulation guidelines, such as ISO.

Delcon selects highly-qualified suppliers who share the same culture driven by attention to quality and innovation.

Environment protection
and sustainable innovation

At Delcon we believe in increasing our business performance in a sustainable way.

We are fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of the industrial activity.

With the same innovative approach we use in the design of our products, we also actively implement technologies that protect the environment: our goal is to produce 100% of the energy we need to run our business.

With these values in mind, we installed solar panels on the roof of our facility in Bergamo covering a surface of 600 square meters, thus allowing us to reduce CO2 emissions to almost zero.

Every year Delcon avoids emitting 21.4 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and produces 56,000 kW of sustainable energy.




t of CO2



Values & Culture

Being inspired by "The Speed of Trust" theory by Stephen Covey, Delcon strongly supports the following 7 trust-building behaviours as the basis of its culture.

  • Practice accountability: take responsibility
  • Listen first: listen before you speak or judge, don't take things for granted
  • Show loyalty: don't discredit others, be ready to recognize the merits of those who deserve
  • Clarify expectation: create shared objectives, be clear on what you expect and renegotiate when needed and possible
  • Create transparency: be sincere and open to others
  • Demonstrate respect: be careful and take care of others, be respectful of everyone's dignity
  • Right wrongs: do your best to fix mistakes, don't be arrogant and, when you do something wrong, ask for forgiveness

The company is constantly committed to encouraging these attitudes and promoting the "Smart Trust" as a way to create highly committed and cooperative teams that foster innovation and growth.

These values are internally spread through training courses delivered by the "Delcon Academy", an internal division dedicated to improving the culture and performance of the company.

These attitudes and the internal culture are also the basis for loyal and transparent relationships based on mutual trust with customers, partners, suppliers, and all the stakeholders.

We believe that the growth of a company is directly tied to the growth of its staff. That's why Delcon Academy was launched in 2014. It's the learning centre of the company providing training courses with focus on both soft skills and technical competences, with the objective of the support the development of all employees.

The Academy also provides courses about blood banking activities to customers and distributors. Our goal is to teach them how to get the most out of our equipment in order to efficiently obtain the best quality possible in the production of haemocomponents.

Delcon aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality of blood components by becoming a point of reference in training and by teaching industry operators.