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Simply efficient

Optimized and cost-effective segmentation

The all-in-one architecture ensures intuitive, error-free use but still retains the convenience of handles for easy transport. The four sealing heads can be individually selected and have an efficient retention mechanism of the tube during sealing.

The sealing clamps are fast and fitted with a central notch which facilitates removal. There is also the possibility to connect an external handle for maximum operational flexibility.

Simply reliable

Made from the same design as the Hemoweld-T, it shares its tireless character

An indestructible metal casing encloses and protects the robust mechanism, capable of supporting years of intense work. The simplicity of the architecture ensures intuitive use without leaving out a complete set of auto-protection systems against sparks produced by wet tubes or unclean electrodes.

In the rare case of overheating, it has a self-reset function, with intervention of a built-in fan. All of the risk conditions have a visual and audio indicator.