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Simply immediate

The no-frills architecture ensures intuitive, error-free use

Designed for immediate use and flexibility for any customization of the parameters of use: desired volume and alarm limits for minimum and maximum flow and for maximum collection duration.

The LED display shows the amount collected in real time, and when the collection is close to being complete, alternates it with the time-elapsed display.

Other LEDs are dedicated to monitoring power supply, both AC and battery, and flow alarms. Both the flow alarms, and the notifications for when the collection is complete or for timeouts, are all visual and audio notifications.

Simply reliable

Tried and tested through thousands of devices, working all over the world

The indestructible casing encloses and protects the robust mechanism, ensuring many years of work ahead.

The design is simple but convenient, featuring handles to make transport easy and an easily accessible battery compartment on the side.

For portable use the battery has an autonomous use of approximately 80 collections, or around 20 hours of work.