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HemoMix 3 is an electronic blood collection monitor with bidirectional data communication, RFID data management and an high contrast display.

Paired with powerful DCSX software, is the best device even for mobile donation environements.

A modern blood collection monitor

The new Hemomix 3 supports all kinds of blood bags. Its 3D mixing, with programmable motion, pauses, and inversion, guarantees the best mix with the anticoagulant. The weighing system of the Hemomix 3 is tough and very simple to calibrate: it takes seconds with a known calibration mass. The mixer supports adjustable warnings for low and high flow, bumps, and maximum donation time, as well as visual pre-warnings, visual and acoustic warnings (with 3 loudness levels, mute, and reset).

Predefined values are configurable for most of the common parameters of collection. The target volume can be easily modified during the donation. The tare weight of the empty bag is computed automatically. Automatic clamping occurs both at the beginning and at the end of the donation procedure, with visual and acoustic warnings (multicolor indicator light on top of the clamp for 360° visibility). Safety sensors check if the tube is well inserted into the clamp and verify the clamp's actual position.

A better high-contrast display

During the collection, the high-contrast graphical display shows: donation time, collected and target volumes, real-time blood flow and accepted range, analog progress bar, and status information.

At the end of each donation the display shows a summary page including the collected volume, the average flow, the donation time, and the pause time. A scale mode is available. The unit of measurement can be customized (g or ml).

The best solution for blood collection

Collection data can be retrieved and read from the mixer's memory, transferred to removable storage (SD or USB stick, sold separately), or sent to a PC via wired or wireless network (optional adapter required). Bidirectional data communication can be established over RS-485, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection (optional adapter required). Bidirectional features include the selection of program, target volume, and number of sampling tubes.

Text messages shown on the display can be customized, also based on data from the LIMS, allowing the operators to check the donors' identity with a positive verification. Barcode and RFID data exchange are completely customizable via software.

The Hemomix 3 can work without AC power, using an optional, removable, rechargeable high-capacity battery pack. The battery pack can be charged while inside the device or using an external battery charger (sold separately).

Optional accessories

Battery pack and external battery chargerfrom 100÷240 VAC
for a never-stop operation of Hemomix 3.

Trolley transport case
can be used as a support for the mixer too.

CCD or Laser barcode reader
or external barcoded data acquisition.

USB memory stick or SD data cartridge
for simple data transfer in batch, without any network.

Networking hardware:
adapters and cables for serial RS485, wired Ethernet LAN or wireless Wi-Fi WLAN communication network (see the data sheet for the reference list of items).

DCSX software:
the license for full device configuration and for real-time network monitoring is included in Hemomix 3. License extensions for data management and for bidirectional communication upgrade are optional.