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The next generation device. It means standardized blood component production, efficient workflow, saferty for operators and minimum waste

With a friendly interface!

Smooth design with a new body mould

It’s not only sculptured fine art

It prevents liquids from entering the device's body and facilitates cleaning. Furthermore, bags are better protected from harmful sharp corners.

10 optical detectors in the main press

Monitor the position of the separation layer, control the motion of the press, and allow the fine-tuning of the buffy-coat's quantity and of its haematocrit.

The main press is made of glass

Flat surface; stability over time; easy to clean; better transparency, as required by the optical detectors. The speed profile of the press' motion can be programmed in up to 5 steps, accurately controlled based on the layer's position and the pressure sensed in the bag.

The powerful electrical motor does not need external compressors, and the maximum pressure inside the bag is kept safe by refined electronic control.

The secondary press on the left side

Can be used for flexible and fast procedures (such as SAGM transfer, also through filters) or for air extraction from plasma satellite bags.

As for the primary press, the motion speed is controlled based on the layer's position and the pressure sensed in the bag.

The integrated splash-guard

Guarantees the operators' safety from liquids that might spill out of damaged bags, and prevents fingers from entering the press area.

Up to 4 built-in scales

Allow up to 5 weight measurements, one for each bag in the kit. One additional external scale can be added to weigh kits with integrated CRC filter.

The high-resolution color graphical touch screen

Offers a highly intuitive icon-driven user interface –including monitoring animations, status information, and clear diagnostics– at your fingertips.

5 sealing clamps with multicolor indicator lights

With 360° visibility are a straightforward guide for operators, allowing proper loading of the bags, as well as monitoring of the correct tube positioning. Their narrow shape and their internal tube detector guarantee tube retention. One clamp has variable position, controlled by the microcomputer, and regulates the flow out of the primary bag's top.

The optical detector

Placed on the tube (with its 360°-visible, multicolor indicator light) can be used to switch between program steps, or as a fallback in case prior detectors fail (e.g. because of bags mounted with the label facing the wrong side).

The built-in RFID antennas

Allow operator-independent, automatic data exchange: data is read from and written to the RFID tags located on each bag without the operators' intervention – simply place the bag set on the dedicated tray.

The serial, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connections

Meet any networking need. Data is recorded in real-time on the managing personal computer and can be transferred to the central information system.

Up to 50 customizable programs

Allow for highly specialized working protocols, easily identified by personalized names. Each program is a custom sequence of predefined subprograms, each supporting several configuration settings, giving complete and flexible control of the device.

16 programs, suitable for the most common protocols, are pre-loaded and yet customizable.

The bidirectional data management

Allows transmitting information to the extractors in order for it to be displayed on the screen or to change the device working program.