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Flexible architecture

Versions with the lateral press increase possible applications

The second lateral press (optional) is indispensable for expelling all air from the satellite plasma bag.

It can also be used to speed up the transfer of the additive solution which conserves the red blood cells or to prime integrated filters.

Controlled power

Presses at the service speed, precision and safety

The presses' powerful electronic motors do not require bulky external air compressors.

The maximum pressure generated in the bag is limited by a sophisticated safety control system. The press movement has speed profiles with up to 5 steps, each accurately controlled by the position of the press and with its own pressure limits.

The speed profile of the main press can also be controlled by the level of the layer between the sedimentary phases, monitored by the 8 infrared optical sensors.

Full weight control

The net weight of every bag is read by a designated scale

GIOTTO measures the net weight of every bag in real time using up to 5 scales independently.

These are used not only to memorise the weight at the end of the procedure and the net weight of all the fluid transferred (including transitory fluids), but also to verify the correct position of the bags and tubes, send commands to the program and keep flows under control.

Full flow control

Every blood component is extracted into the appropriate container

5 clamps with presence sensors on the tube and with programmable sealing are able to adapt their function to any bag type, be it Top & Top or Top & Bottom.

A clamp is able to regulate flow and, together with the optical sensors on the tube, control the extraction process.

The optical sensor also has an indicator light on the top, visible at a distance.

Friendly user interface

Intuitive and error-free operator interaction

The two colour LED panel guides the operator in the correct tube positioning.

The backlit display guides the operator step by step providing them with information and easy to understand diagnostic messages.

The simple waterproof keyboard puts complete control of the programs at your fingertips.